Farewell Megaupload

The craziest part of this megaupload story is the boss of the file-sharing website himself. Built like a Spanish door, this German had been convicted numerous for various unconvincing scams as a young IT guy and then used his skills to develop a site based in Hong Kong which became a top 15 site in the world. Finally he was arrested in New Zealand where he rented a $30m house. And most bizarrely he’d changed his name to Kim Dotcom!

I’ve used megaupload numerous times to find films or music. I appreciate I’m not helping the problem but I go to enough gigs to pay part salaries. However the usual suggested connection to organised crime is missing here. These guys were mega-consumers too. They spent money given to them by advertisers. So the madam has been arrested while the prostitutes and the customers get to live another day.

It’s all part of a very concerted effort to control the internet now. The big companies are being cajoled into compliance. Facebook, Microsoft, Oracle and Google made little stand while Twitter recently announced it will start censoring tweets in certain countries (read China). China recently cut internet connections to areas of unrest in Tibet. News organisations are now charging for content and Netflix and Spotify will try to regularise film and music viewing.

But while the Feds are busy trying to help to secure US property and businesses, the rest of the fake DVDs are still being printed and sold across the world, China is busy hacking into US security, Israel is busy trying to shut down Iran’s IT systems, new download sites have popped up immediately and the official bad guys remain Anonymous and wikileaks…

The stakes are rising. Its gonna be fun to watch.

Update: This is brilliant. Anonymous released taped conversations of the FBI and British police discussing their own hacking efforts to find Anonymous. The hackers have hacked the hackers who sought to arrest them.


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