Time to Roll

So its the beginning of a year and its time to take myself abroad again, a January tradition I started in 2008. I figured its always better to go to travel and see something when the weather (and country) sucks at home. The second obvious reason is more positive; England is nice in summer.

In 2008 I quit work (again) and went to Australia for LP´s wedding and then New Zealand, SE Asia and Europe coming back in mid-September. Less drastic and colder, I went East in 2009 to Poland and Eastern Europe to work and travel down to near the Balkans returning in August. 2010 involved a trip to pick up Linden in Berlin and head over to Israel and the Middle East until March. And Uni commitments in 2011 only allowed a week in Andalucia in February. But it was 22C 🙂

This year I’m going further afield again to a land of snowy mountains, blue ocean, dance and colonial towns. I’m staying with Gabriel in general but Claudia has already planned the first weekend away and friends have flooded me with information and contacts to make this trip a real special one. Colombia and Panama, I cannot wait. I’ll get stories and pics up  as quick as possible.

When I return via New York, I’ll have to get my head down fora few months until the summer in Oxford and a return to Uni which is now awaiting confirmation. Much thanks to those who gave me advice and the lawyer lecturer whose responses highlighted a danger implicit in law; that it must do others’ bidding. I’ll find a way.

See you soon 🙂


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