Making Law Matter??

So Nottingham University just emailed to inform they are finally going to have a Human Rights module concerning Economic and Social Rights. I´ve  been asking about this for a year and waiting for this news. For me these are the only rights that are rarely enforced as they clash with the hegemonic economic and political systems in vogue today. They are also the only rights that actually allow a person to secure their future. Having a vote doesn´t really matter if you are forever condemned to structured poverty.

However on the flip side, they aren’t running the Human Rights in Action module, presumably as Mike O’Flaherty isn´t around. Having felt the impact of lecturers leaving and students being uninformed until you actually arrive at Nottingham (re;2010), its good to know this time.

Mulling over law and the thoughts of various law friends confirms my belief that law gives you the tools to become an administrator which explains why so many politicians become politicians. Only by progressing beyond law can you truly understand the economic, social, political and cultural needs of people using sociology as well as the historical and economic roots understood through economic and critical theory. I hope to have them all on my side at some point soon.

So this narrows the choice down to two but I want them both! Indonesian Studies at Leiden or HR Law at Nottingham. Sure its more study but I always planned that for this time in my life and besides what else is there?


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