DSCF8334So I am still in the mountains, the zona cafeteria staying with Gab´s brother and family. His little niece, 2 year old Silvana is brilliant, full of fun and games. I´m not sure what playing doll does to a man but I´ve been playing ´put the baby to bed´a lot!

I´ve written immense amounts of late. Quiet times without the usual distraction have been good to me. Gab´s family are lovely and really helped me out. His little brother has shown me round various small, country towns and farms. Its all very pretty round here which undoubtedly brought my head back from the 2 week blitz around the north coast. Gees.

DSCF8289Had some decent conversations of late too with a few old friends and flames. This year was always going to be something special. Once I sort out Uni (I´ve applied for references now), work and the like, lets see where I am. I´m planning New York and Montreal right now to catch up with old friends and make anew while the Balkans look to be back on the menu! And what´s strange as well is I am looking forward to getting back and getting into it all. Maybe not more than my plans for tomorrow but I can feel it lingering. Ahh life eh…


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