I know I should…

I know I should have written more and I have so intended to but alas the streets have been calling me to wonder and wander and I’m busy planning the next stage. Ahh its gonna be so exciting.

So last night, before meeting Michele’s friend Astrid, Beau and I got tickets to see the New York Knicks basketball team when I am in New Jersey. Might even have a look at the Jersey Shore! I haven’t seen Beau since some good nights in Ljubljana in 2009. The night before Steve and I are seeing the Yankees in New York and the night before its to Philadelphia to do the Rocky Steps Dance and have dinner and drinks with Dave Gordon, a New York doctor we had some good nights with in Estonia. After all this I have a few days in New York with Steve and Lucy and hopefully catching up with Ola from Nottingham.

Then its off to Germany to see Viola, Michelle and Oscar before biking/boarding in the Alps with Emmo (and we’re gong to Liechtenstein) before I fly to the Balkans to meet Mirella in Serbia and maybe Elena from Nottingham if she makes it over. I’ll fly back from Dubrovnik via Macedonia to see friends and then straight back to the work I love. The summer and the autumn university return are sorted.

Before all this I’ll be in Canada for about 10 days before that staying with Ashley and Tommy, Debs and Ronnie at Niagara and their assorted little ones. Got a night in Toronto with the guys and a day wandering Ottawa and a date with destiny!

Alas just before this, I have a final weekend in Colombia, spending time with Gab and Natalia, Claudia tonight and maybe a music festival this weekend with MGMT and TV on the Radio. And on my last night Manu Chao is playing a huge free gig, just like he did 6 years ago in Mexico City.

Sorry for the list of stuff and to bore you with details. In the meantime, I’ll be working on my Spanish and some pieces about relationships here, Medallin and Bogota, the small colonial towns, craziness up north, coffee country and food! Its been an amazing time. Now off to get a present for someone…


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