Dan’s Got a New Toy

‘Hey is that laptop a touch screen?’ I turned and a bespectacled man behind me was pointing at my screen. We were sat watching a game in a curious Irish-Spanish in New York. I had the laptop running following the other games and was busy typing away.

‘Well its a tablet really. An ASUS Transformer Prime but you get a keIyboard with it which gives it loads of power.’ I detached it to show him. ‘Awesome. ‘Is that a USB port? Its got two,’ I replied.

Tomas works for Intel these days and told me they get all the new toys first. He asked to have a look and examined the hardware. and told me its running Android Ice Cream Sandwich the latest OS.

If you are wondering why, and most of you probably aren’t I haven’t posted about Colombia, believe me I have so mauchto say and will over the course of the next few weeks. Yet my laptop weirdly gave up the ghost. It still happily function but has managed to turn itself into a tablet as the pivots on it has failed and so I have to be careful how I handle it. Instead I bought this tablet, the sexy ASUS Transformer Prime with the keyboard and docking station and 1TB of memory on a cool portable, azul external hard drive. Damn the US can be cheap sometimes.

So yeah Dan’s got a new toy, slimmer, cheaper and more powerful than the iPad3. 699 euros in Germany. $399 in the US. Go figure. and yes, I am writing this on this. 


My House or Yours??

I am writing this in a field in Bavaria surrounded by daffodils and long grass. The sun is shining down, the mountains are accustomed and the cows with wide ears are looking over curiously as they chew the cud. It might not be the best place to type but its fine for gathering thoughts.

A few hundreds metres away is the edge of the village and from here I can see the house at which Amy played a gig last night. Quite a random event but in return for free accommodation, food and some donations towards the trains, she played a 12 song set to friends and family of Katrin and Matias, the house owners and generally cool people.

While she played I listened and ate. I was starving. Its quite a novel idea really, initiated by Chris this mildly crazy German with a habit of giving you a spiritual rundown every time he’s had a drink. Its harmless really and always gives you something to talk about when the gig is over.

Amy is from Nebraska, the middle of the middle and the middle of nowhere who works green farms while writing songs. A gentle, quirky but brave girl following dreams that make no sense to her at times but she has a hunch and is following it. You have gotta respect that.

She is moving on with the tour playing lounges as a warm-up before tour proper starts in May for the summer. Its a cool idea allowing her to meet, talk, learn and see the cultures she plays for. Far more impressive than being blinded by the lights and unable to see the crowd. And braver, showing a steely determination sometimes I wish I had more of.

Look her up here.

How Reg Lost his Arm








I’m sitting on the red-eye from New York back to Europe. The beautiful Singaporean stewardess is serving me reasonable pinot and the food was Thai curry. The plane is a superjumbo and for the first time in months I have the opportunity and inclination to write. As everyone sleeps and we chase to morning in Europe, I’m evaluating the last few months, content and nostalgic. My headphones encases music that links me to everyone I know or have known.

From Colombia starting and finishing with Gab and first and last weekends with Claudia to seeing old friends in almost surreal circumstances in Canada and the USA. I am forever grateful. The faces I saw particularly in Canada will stay with me forever. For the most recent I had seen any of them was 6 years ago. Bobbi who met me at the airport in Winnipeg I hadn’t seen for a few months under 10 years. Christine over 6 years. Ronnie and Debs the same. Ashley 7 years. And yet we slipped back in there like old times, rarely suffering an undeserved silence. In fact, all now had kids, were married and had a more moderated lifestyle and they all impressed me more. I will write more about Canada and the people there in another blog. Being well-fed was indeed heart-warming even if I do need to shed a few pounds this summer.

The USA was a more hectic time, staying in Greenwich Village, the most central and celebrated spot in Manhattan. I don’t know what Steve and Lucy pay for this ground floor flat but it must be small fortunes a month. I caught Rocky and Dave Gordon in Philly, Beau in Jersey, Ola in Midtown, two nights with Steve and one to be explained.

Last time in NYC was almost free thanks to some dodgy Russian and the American Red Cross. This time I enjoyed it more spending days wandering the streets and taking in the life of the greatest city in the world (sorry Pedro!). New York treated me to excellent weather but the sunshine is forever present in the vibrancy of the noise.

Colombia will get many blogs in the weeks to come concerning the people, culture and places. Its a beautiful spot, one I’ve wanted to visit for a long time and it didn’t let me down. So now I am heading to Germany to see more friends and sights in Frankfurt, with Em in the mountains and then back to the Balkans and maybe a few nearby places like the Ukraine etc

So that’s how Reg my memory stick monkey lost his arm. Travelling and savouring the sights and nights of friends reunited and friendship renewed. We did well. And are lucky even if Reg lost an arm in sacrifice. He knows though it was worth it. He’s still smiling.


Still failing to get posts up. I have started a few just got no time to follow them up.

As you can see from FB, I’m in NYC, the wetaher is stunning and I am adoring the city. Lunch with Ola today, dinner with Dave last night in Philly, Yankees with Steve tonight followed by basketball with beau tomorrow in Jersey. Busy but darn in the sun this is a beautiful time.