My House or Yours??

I am writing this in a field in Bavaria surrounded by daffodils and long grass. The sun is shining down, the mountains are accustomed and the cows with wide ears are looking over curiously as they chew the cud. It might not be the best place to type but its fine for gathering thoughts.

A few hundreds metres away is the edge of the village and from here I can see the house at which Amy played a gig last night. Quite a random event but in return for free accommodation, food and some donations towards the trains, she played a 12 song set to friends and family of Katrin and Matias, the house owners and generally cool people.

While she played I listened and ate. I was starving. Its quite a novel idea really, initiated by Chris this mildly crazy German with a habit of giving you a spiritual rundown every time he’s had a drink. Its harmless really and always gives you something to talk about when the gig is over.

Amy is from Nebraska, the middle of the middle and the middle of nowhere who works green farms while writing songs. A gentle, quirky but brave girl following dreams that make no sense to her at times but she has a hunch and is following it. You have gotta respect that.

She is moving on with the tour playing lounges as a warm-up before tour proper starts in May for the summer. Its a cool idea allowing her to meet, talk, learn and see the cultures she plays for. Far more impressive than being blinded by the lights and unable to see the crowd. And braver, showing a steely determination sometimes I wish I had more of.

Look her up here.


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