Dan’s Got a New Toy

‘Hey is that laptop a touch screen?’ I turned and a bespectacled man behind me was pointing at my screen. We were sat watching a game in a curious Irish-Spanish in New York. I had the laptop running following the other games and was busy typing away.

‘Well its a tablet really. An ASUS Transformer Prime but you get a keIyboard with it which gives it loads of power.’ I detached it to show him. ‘Awesome. ‘Is that a USB port? Its got two,’ I replied.

Tomas works for Intel these days and told me they get all the new toys first. He asked to have a look and examined the hardware. and told me its running Android Ice Cream Sandwich the latest OS.

If you are wondering why, and most of you probably aren’t I haven’t posted about Colombia, believe me I have so mauchto say and will over the course of the next few weeks. Yet my laptop weirdly gave up the ghost. It still happily function but has managed to turn itself into a tablet as the pivots on it has failed and so I have to be careful how I handle it. Instead I bought this tablet, the sexy ASUS Transformer Prime with the keyboard and docking station and 1TB of memory on a cool portable, azul external hard drive. Damn the US can be cheap sometimes.

So yeah Dan’s got a new toy, slimmer, cheaper and more powerful than the iPad3. 699 euros in Germany. $399 in the US. Go figure. and yes, I am writing this on this. 



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