Ok so Philly. It gets a bad rap. Most people ask why go. They scrunch up their faces and say Philly, err, ummm, yeah. Well I have a different opinion. In 31C clear skies underneath the glittering skyscrapers and the industrial made-over past, Philly or Philadelphia, the beginning of the US as a nation glistened. It was a magnificent day. And I haven’t even referenced why I went there.

The answer to that is simple and reverential. I needed to see the Rocky statue, the steps which Sly Stallone ran up and I wanted to see my mate Dave. But first Philly. The home of the Liberty Bell, the constitution, an ‘old’ town for the US and wide boulevards planned centuries before. The centre has its long and short history.

Another noticeable point was how African-American the city is. The streets and shops are full of black people ambling along. For the city is also fat. All races sweat in the heat. The city has an edge. That is for sure but with the parks, broad streets and history, I could give it another try

Whether I will depends on why I visit. Having paid homage to Rocky as the sun set, I went to meet Dave in an old tavern across town. Dave and my story is a classic; meeting
in Estonia in a bar, I credit myself with saving from a conversation with the bar racist who sadly was English. We went to many bars over the next few days but this catch-up reinforced our friendship, for we talked and laughed extensively about the last two years, swapping stories and jokes. I’m very glad to have caught up with the dude, the coolest doctor I know. Actually I have never met a doctor as laid-back and laconic as him.


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