Election Fever

There’s been a lot of elections in the last week so I decided to write one piece which morphed into three i’ll put up over this week. France and Serbia had presidential elections while in the UK and Germany local elections saw the ruling parties take a beating. Putin re-installed himself as President this week too, a political farce that threatens movements for freedom of speech in Russia to the revolution in Syria. The big is of course to come in the US. Mitt Romney vs Barak Obama for the position of leader of the free world, a term that went out with the Cold War but now seems to demand a return despite the weakening of the US and recognition of it neo-colonialism. But more about that later in the year no doubt. Firstly though…

The local elections usually matter little in the UK with incredibly poor turnouts and little enforceable powers. However the austerity measures of the present Conservative Government are actually generally mandated from the state but carried out locally. must make the decisions to close  or restrict various amenities. To reverse the axoim, with little power now comes great responsibility while Westminister takes little care except over how it is presented. And more locally it is the Lib Dems who have shafted the country and themselves.

The German regional election is a further weakening of Angela Merkel’s federal coalition which is suffering is natural and gradual demise. There is little to be feared here though. While Sarrazin’s rhetoric and book have started a debate about multiculturalism in Germany and aired what were previously discussed in private, Germany’s federal system maintains a status quo based on a society model rather than an individualistic one And they will continue to be remarkably generous the rest of us plebs.


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