Thoughts of times

  • And so it occurred to me when I write or even when I think I am writing to you.
  • And I look for you each and every day. (sounds like a lyric from Arcade Fire but I am not sure)

These words, thought up and written down (along with other far more ridiculous phrases) as I tried to ignore a women-hating fascist in the hostel (my patience didn’t last long) will be expanded on in the next few weeks.

Before that there will be posts about the US and the Balkans, university graduation and the future while I work through the summer and all the commotions.

Needless to say, I am tired, ready to be rejuvenated buthappy.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts of times

  1. Dan, dear fellow traveller

    Your blog has become under my attention. Sadly I was able to recognize myself being this “women-hating facist in the hostel”. You may have ignored me too effectively so let me correct myself a bit. First of all, I don’t hate women, I have never said anything like that. I wish I wouldn’t love women this much as I do, sometimes it would be easier to live and some could even consider me nicer person. It’s a constant battle about them, you know. The day in the hostel I fell in love to that beautiful american girl (sometimes I still see dreams about her). I couldn’t tell that to her by “normal means”. She would have just spitted on my face. So I showed my love by provoking her and my vodka-twisted mind got a bit pleasure from that since she got heated some nice way which is hard to explain. My provoking comments were not ment for bystanders. Some of them were not even my actual opinions. Sorry for sidehits you got. 🙂

    And let me present my most humble apologies for waking you up accidently later in the night. I thought my friend was sleeping there. Too bad you left in the morning, I would have made that up for you.

    real women lover, anti-facist
    misunderstood fellow traveller
    Your present blog reader

    • Hi,

      Dont worry. I dont intend to write anything about it anyway. Way too weird and too busy right now. Just finishing writing about April so nowhere near May right now.

      It was weird and offensive. I saw some of the others at the airport and they all thought it was weird. But at least you know that. Telling your friends to shut up when you disagreed was the start. Believing you need a gun to get respect is another. Then the neo-darwin rape stuff was the end!

      anyway have a good summer. I’ might be in finland in a few months so we might catch up.

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