So William married a common Kate eh?


A report from the Scottish NUS today highlighted what will become more noticeable as the student fees kick in in England and Wales.

Students were classed as coming from a poorer background if they grew up in one of the least affluent 20% of postcode districts.

St Andrews University admitted 13 students from these areas. It teaches a total of 7,370 undergraduates.

Students will not only stop going to universities but universities themselves will be more hesitant about taking on poorer students who may have to drop out due to financial impossibilities. That would affect university funding. But in this example at St Andrews, there are no fees. The university has simply chosen not to have poorer students. If this were a private institution, the case would be arguable. Alas William and Kate’s university St Andrews is funded totally by the taxpayer, the ordinary person who goes to university for a leg up, not a foot on your head.


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