Good News From Sweden


In times of rain and economic depression, Sweden, the Scandinavian musical tour-de-force comes to the rescue. Tallest Man on Earth released a new album this week called No Leaving Now with his usual mix of acoustic laments, magical realism songs. We saw the guy live in 2010 in a church in Manchester. His voice still rings in my sub-conscious.

The second piece of news involves Jens Lekman, the quirkmeister of modern pop. I discovered him wandering along the beach walkway in Tel Aviv with Linden at the beginning of 2010. With her usual, wide-eyed enthusiasm, especially notably when she finds I’ve never heard of it but love it, we walked with one white ear piece each as the sun set over the Mediterranean. It was a lovely way to work off our whiskey hangovers. I spoke to Linden last weekend on skype. She is back in the US preparing to go camping alone in Colorado before heading to South America to work on a sustainable farm before she goes back to study sustainability at university. Impressive, little (short!) woman :)!


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