Bunch of Films Seen

Shame – overrated premise (man is constantly horny but really lonely) but well-made and great soundtrack. 4/5

The Iron Lady – Thatcher biopic. Its well-acted but kind of oddly written and focused. 3/5

Albert Nobbs – Glenn Close plays a woman who pretends to be a man in 19th century. 3/5

400 Blows – classic French film about society, education and kids. Its funny. 4/5

Haywire – if you know MMA, you know how ridiculous this is. Gina Carana can’t act much but doesn’t really have to here. Full-on action. 3/5

The International – Clive Owen as someone chasing something about arms but with a few class set-pieces. 3/5

Young Adult – Charlie Therzon returns home to find despite being someone, she isn’t happy. Awkward. 3/5

The Muppets – classic endearment. 4/5

Leatherheads – kind of entertaining Clooney 1920s football comedy. 3/5

The Avengers – good action and yet a conversation between Thor and Hulk is…whatever. 3/5

Prometheus – ummm well its tough when you know the end. Looks great, good pacing and decent action but no classic. 3/5

Iron Sky – Nazis on the dark side of moon return to Earth to infiltrate the US Government in a knowing B-movie with decent special effects and acting. 3/5

The Dictator – Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat in the Middle East with more plot and that makes it worse. However it has enough decent jibes to entertain. 3/5

The Chernobyl Diaries – garbage. 1/5


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