PR: Getting paid to bullshit


Back in 2009, straight after the Air France jet went down over the Atlantic, the PR machine went into action. By all accounts, the reputation of the airline must be mainatined. Attention must be deflected. Blame sought elsewhere. PR guys earn their bucks by being dishonest. In this example, we were told it was a once-in-a-lifetime storm when in reality it was known mechanical issues and human error.

I watched the Air France spokesman at the time do all this and wrote about this it the day of the accident. And sadly its all come true. It takes no genius to see and understand what happens. In a mid-Atlantic disaster the facts are rarely clear. I just wish they weren’t further obscured by the need to protect reputation before the facts and ultimately money over truth. I wondered at the time where the PR guy would be when the truth finally came out. That really is irrevelant. What sticks is he’ll be congratulated for his work.


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