Books Read

The Life You Can Save – Peter Singer

Philosopher Singer discusses how we should give to charity and breaks down the numbers rather than just rationalises. It really costs very little. Though strangely i would have preferred more rationalising as I give monthly anyway to Cancer Research.

The Plundered Planet – Paul Collier

Oxford don Collier delivers cost/benefit analysis of resource extraction taking into account the unknown future as well as the best ways to invest that bonus. Its a good book with solid argument against the exploitation of resources and the rabid talk of some environmental groups. However his anslysis still falls slightly down on the side of big business failing to grasp the all-mighty structural issues involved.

A Concise History of Bulgaria

I saw it in the library and thought why not. Interesting read. Constant revolutions, long Ottoman dominance and a picture of a rural country under constant stress.

The Soccer War – Rychard Kapuscinski

I love Kapuscinski’s cultural and politcial journies throughout the world. This book written when he was the sole Polish foreign correspondent in the 1960s/1070s involves the wars in Somalia, Togo and later Honduras. Not only does he writes with a constant cultural reference, his isnide track, bravery and lyricism conjures up the sweat and fear brilliantly.

Derrida – Key Concepts



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