Break Time

I’m writing this with a hangover after another great night getting blitzed with Oli. I wore a suit yesterday to attend a gala dinner at Hertford College. My students gave their cultural comparative presentations yesterday. They did very well. I was proud of them and then got offered a job in Japan during the break by a visiting Professor. That’s the third job offer so far. I haven’t asked for any of them! Once the dinner formalities were over, I tucked into my dinner (and most of Saki’s) and then the wine. Oh the wine somehow led to free drinks in a bar ( I somehow know the owner) and the jaegarbombs in a nightclub.

I’ve been away from this for a while, just overrun with work, friends, Oxford, plans and booze!! Its been a lot of fun. A real random summer of fun. I’ll update all this with various thoughts and muses next week when I’ve a free week and some down time. After that it off to Barcelona with I for the feste de la merce, a bit of Rome and Naples to see Andy, a catch up with Jeroen somewhere I hope, Leipzig and Dresden and maybe Poland to see Tomasz, Mirella and Sarah. Beyond that, Asia and Australia calls 🙂

However just got the small matter of my sister’s birthday in London and seeing Leanne, Wei, Cam and Ellen over the next few days in London.

hope to talk to you soon


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