Films seen of late


Brilliantly relentless Norwegian thriller concerning a man who will do what it takes to preserve his image. As it all unravels, some of the scenes, twists and turns are excellent.


Bruce Willis has been in some decent pics of late. This one about time travel and hitmen is understandable despite its plot with some solid action.

The Russian Ark

Seminal, one-take Russian film from the 90s. A man wakes in a museum and meets many characters from history and yeah its done in one take!

Jack Streaker

Tom Cruise tries to play a likeable anti-establishment hero. ‘He doesn’t care for the law. He only cares for the truth’, blah blah blah. In a dialogue heavy film with an obvious plot, it still works. The violence is brutal. The one liners are decent but the ending, a clear setup for the assumed sequel is odd. Real odd.

The Cabin in the Woods

Knowing teen horror with lots of references, some funny lines from the stoner guy (the oldest student in the world) and a lot of nerdy, comic book monsters coming out to play etc. Pretty good fun.

Premium Rush

Joseph Gordon Levitt again!! He is likeable but come on man, take a break! Bike couriers in New york get mixed up with child smuggling and bent cops with debts to pay. Nicely made. The chass sequencies are pretty rubbish and the characters are one dimensional but decent enough to watch on a flight.

Juan of the Dead

Cuban zombie film which moves beyond the ‘catch your eye’ title to play out some good action, some of the lewdest jokes I have seen on film and great political satire. The joke about the bus is brilliant.

Total Recall (remake)

Has Colin Farrell ever made a successful/money-making film? In this unnecessary remake, him and other failure Kate Beckinsale fight it out for one reason or another in a computer generated world that no one gives a shit about.

Total Recall (original)

Arnie on form. The sets are plastic. The colours are gaudy and the one-liners are pretty naff. A classic film in short. I’ll see you at the party.


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