New films

220px-Poster_of_the_movie_The_Life_and_Death_of_Peter_SellersThe Life and Death of Peter Sellers

This is brilliant. Peter Sellers was of course brilliant and the film pays homage to the fullness of his deluded personality. His inability to control his demonic mind is brilliantly rendered not just by Geoffrey Rush in the lead role and the looks of bewilderment from the others in his life but by the decision to have Rush briefly play all the other characters in cut-aways at different times as Sellers put his preferred reading other’s opinion of his action.

Killer Joe 1


Killer Joe

Friedkin’s take on Tracy Letts’ play is phenomenal to watch. Matthew McConaughey is mesmerizing in the central role as a copper who also contract kills. I never thought I’d equate ‘the dude’ with impressive acting ability but he really is something here. The closing half an hour is unforgettable for its brutal, stark, twisted nature. Even the closing line is hilarious.

Side Effects

Jude Law is a psychiatrist who gets framed by two women in order to make money off a pharmaceutical stock price. Its a Soderbergh film so its slick, mildly convoluted and done properly. Its been compared to a Hitchcock film but its difficult to have the same empathy for Jude Law as it would be Cary Grant. Unless debonair and cock now have the same meaning.

Oz_-_The_Great_and_Powerful_PosterOz the Great and Powerful

Ahh this is fun, kinda lightweight but quirky, beautifully coloured. Its big on rhyme, short on reason and James Franco’s character is whiny throughout but the ideas and imagination shine making it enjoyable if sadly a little too forgettable for such an opportunity.

Gangster Squad

I usually like these gangster films. I’ve watched a lot of Cagney and Bogart and then the more recent LA Confidential but this film is crap.



A ‘ohhhh, ghostly figure –> screeching sound, please jump’ horror. Its all very predictable and the ending is bloody bizarre/stupid.

Hansel and Gretel

As soon as you see this is produced by Mtv, you know what to expect. Then you notice its only 80 minutes long. And yet after 20 minutes that’s way too long. This film is bollocks.

Here Comes the Boom

I would normally mentioned or watch this film but I was curious to see which MMA guys were in it. I used to write on the sport. While the film runs along predictable and limited lines, it is entertaining in its heart-warming enthusiasm for the sport and the story. I liked it. It passed the time well while I was trying to avoid/do some work.


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