More Movies Seen

Ironman 3

Its bigger. Its flashier. Its bigger. Its got more Ironmen. Its got women in a suit. Its got some bad guy for some reason you can’t give a shit about. Its got a multi-faceted plot. Its got more things you can remember. Its got a story I don’t care about. Its got Tony Stark acting like a douche. Its got a token black friend. Its got a token woman. Its got bad jokes. Its got an annoying kid. Its got nothing to separate it from anything else. Its got a stupid ending even for superhero nonsense. Its got a disappointing rating from me. 5/10

And While We Were Here

You know The Notebook? You know that feeling of your mouth drying up and your face getting stuck in that ‘I can’t believe I am watching this shit’ face. Well it gets worse and this pile of absolute, donkey shite is so bad you run through the whole emotional gambit you feel when the doctor tells you you have 3 months to live or when you get dumped (shock, rejection, denial, euphoria, depression, acceptance). At least The Notebook is well-made and has James Garner in it. This pile of camel wank is such badly edited, woodenly acted morose crap at 82 minutes you are emotionally exhausted and ready for bed, or a truck to run you over. I would like to blame Olivia for this but in reality I downloaded it for us to watch and she did say this was crap first. I am going to punch myself in the balls. Three times. 1/10

This is The End

I quite, quite enjoyed this despite it really not being very good. Seth Rogan plays himself again while a host of others play themselves in mild send-up. Only Michael Cera really steps out of character and is probably the best thing in it. The story is rubbish; James Franco has a party as the Judgement Day arrives and lot of guests die. Ignore Rhianna. Her seconds in the trailer is her whole film. Is this any good? Yeah its alright. Does it pass the time while on a train from Bucharest to Timisoara? I suppose. Are the stars as annoying in ‘real life’ as they are in movie ‘real life’? Proabably. 6/10

Before Midnight

The finale to the trilogy. The most intense and painful to watch but still unmissable. The scene in the hotel room is brilliantly realised and emotionally charged. I don’t quite believe them as a couple. They are still arguing over little moments what should be passed. They still seem too pally and not fully comfortably together as a couple but it remains an excellent addition, if not a true conclusion. 8.5/10


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