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I meant to write this a while ago, just after the deadline but then I went to Romania and Serbia, started a new job and got a new flat. I’ve been busy but mulling it over in my head. I’ll keep it short.

Manchester City bought terribly. Neither Negredo or Jovetic will have any impact. Fernandinho is good and will release Toure somewhat while the likes of Javi Garcia, Nastastic and Lescott still bumble around. The little Spanish winger will barely register. They will never win the league this season.

Manchester City also bought badly. Fellani might be a Moyes’ player but he isn’t a United one and he certainly isn’t good enough to improve the team. I fear without a creative midfielder they will stifle and churn out results against the poorer teams and struggle to win against the big team especially in Europe. How Fellani or Baines are meant to make any difference at that level s beyond me.

Chelsea bought very well. Willam is very good while the signing of Eto’o is a masterstroke. They will win the league this season.

Arsenal never needed Ozil and certainly not at that price. Watch him play. He is great against the poorer teams and disappears against the big teams or when the going gets tough. That said, with a full fit team they will still finish 4th especially as Giroud will play better.

Everton did brilliantly in the transfer window. Lukaku and Barry are great signings as well as holding onto Jagielka and they are perfect for the style of Martinez. But alas he is still not the right man for the job. The problem ultimately with the Everton job is its going nowhere no matter how well you do.

Spurs bought too many players to calculate but they did buy well especially Eriksen. However 5th place is what they are gonna get.

Newcastle bought no one bar an on-loan Remy but they did keep their main players. That said this has 10th-14th place written all over this season.

The rest of the league is full of average teams (like Newcastle) and comment is pointless.


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