2014 Resolutions

1. Think better and more patiently – I will finally do this.

2. Get back to Indonesia for a visit to Raju Ampat and the Banda Islands – slight long shot regarding the islands but Indonesia is very possible.

3. Read, read, read – last year was so poor in quantity and quality.

4. Continue Spanish/Russian- long-term projects but getting there

5. Take Japanese government exams – I’ve said it before but this is the year!

6. Life Mojo – I tend to burn long and bright and then burn out until I can renew myself. 2001, 2005 and 2008 were the last renewals. This run has lasted a long time. It’s been great but I am getting low now. Time for a change 🙂

7. Visit Norway/Iran/Moscow/Switzerland – It’s time! (and Belgrade for the wedding of the year!)

8. Finish 10k in under 50mins – That will be the time

9. Leiden University – time to return to study, specialising in Indonesia.

10. Who is ?? – I’ll let you know

Hope to see you along the way!


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