Money Can’t Buy Me Love

Two years ago on the 6th of February I flew south to Colombia to visit a country I’ve wanted to see and to meet up with Gabriel and Claudia, some old Colombian friends. Today, two years later I am about to leave Qatar after 15 months here. Its been a whirlwind tour. Inbetween I’ve seen 29 countries I think, some such as Italy, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Spain a few times. I’ve visited places I always hoped I would such as Armenia, Colombia, Bosnia, Sri Lanka, Oman and Bavaria. I’m lucky.

I tend to work (or not work !) on these 2/3 year cycles. 2008 was a year of travel down to Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia. 2006 also took me through SE Asia, the US, Central America and Europe. 2003 lead me to South America and parts of the Middle East. I’ve now finished my time here seen Beirut, Oman and Dubai. Syria would have been on my list but alas that country is now fractured and broken. It will never truly be at peace again. Iran is the only one I’ve missed out on.

These trips now become times of reinforcement. I’ve seen plenty of friends and made new ones. Friends such as Ash, Christine and Em I’d not met for years. Others have become firmer friends. And more still are new to me but as I’ve mentioned in Qatar, I somehow feel these are friendships of circumstance, not insubstantial but we are all desperate for the ‘party to end.’ And yet there are many people I really like here.

I earn very good money here but the sapping of my heart is the key. It’s time to set up camp somewhere else. I am thinking Eastern Europe or the Stans. Some travel before that is due. Iran and Norway are on the list for this year 🙂 I’ll see you soon.


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