A Big Deal For Who?

The media and general populace gets bored very quickly of stories and especially when they are outside your own borders. The arrest of the drug trade’s most wanted man Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman might seem like news and good news but it won’t affect anything on the streets, in the homes and the clinics in the US. The price of the drugs, the hopelessness of the addicts and the destroyed lives of the families won’t change.

The politcians and state don’t want to publicly analyse the obvious causes of the issues in Mexico and would rather celebrate the capture of this guy. The media fails in it’s role too. It will turn out to be a hollow victory again. He’ll be replaced in the cartel and on a FBI/DEA poster. They prefer an enemy rather than an evaluation. The FBI might have a victory here but the war unleashed in Mexico is only going to continue in the long haul and get worse in the short run.


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