Miss n’ Not

I will miss: The Turkish barbers
I won’t miss: the Filipinos’ customer service being so robot-like.

I will miss: the range of authentic, first-generation restaurants
I won’t miss: the sedentary lifestyle

I will miss: the cheap taxis
I won’t miss: the traffic

I will miss: the weather for 7 months
I won’t miss: the weather for 5 months

I will miss: the work-life balance
I won’t miss: the feeling you haven’t done an honest day’s work

I will miss: getting to the airport from the centre of the city in 15mins max
I won’t miss: waiting at the crap airport

I will miss: the billions or so coffee shops
I won’t miss: the lack of bars

I will miss: the lack of crime
I won’t miss: the lack of action

I will miss: the geunineness of most people
I won’t miss: the hierarchy in society

I will miss: the generosity of Qataris
I won’t miss: the sight of maids following their mistresses round

I will miss: the Corniche and occasional trips to the desert
I won’t miss: the lack of green

You know when I tally it up it isn’t such a bad place. The negatives do loom large depending on what your aim in life is right now but for a few months of the year and a short period, it is a decent place spot.


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