Brief Film Reviews – yeah so what?

NEPTtWv811xRTP_1_122 Jump Street 3/5

Amusing but rarely funny, while the main characters are a cute pair, it’s a bit of a formula. The only truly funny part is with Ice Cube in the middle.

X-Men: Future Past SomeOtherTime 3/5

Wolverine in aviators and flowery shirts, something about back and forward and time flux etc etc and lots of special effects. Yeah, I made a cuppa tea during the talky parts. After all this is sci-fi. Who cares about dialogue around the time-space continuum or some bollocks. Its entertaining and forgettable.

Wolf of Wall Street 3/5

Too much set-up. Too Good Fellas in style. Good performances. Slight funny at times which means fatlad just gets his dick out regularly. Long, the film, not his wang.

Alpha Papa – The Alan Partrdge film 4/5

The usual funny, quirky, perfectly played Steve Coogan film. More like an extended episode but with some brilliant moments.

LEGO Movie  5/511177655_800

That’s one unique, brilliantly-scripted and very well-made film. Deserves a lot of recognition. My favourite film of the year so far.



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