Crap Poet

I am an amateur poet. By amateur I mean a crap poet. I am fine with that for I don’t aspire to high literature, grand illusion or metaphoric depth. I am still happy writing down words which simply rhyme but most importantly, tell a story, hopefully one that will make you, the intended recipient, smile. They will not impress with the mastery of verse or imagery but I do hope they provide you with some warmth that may last an hour or the whole afternoon if I am fortunate. I write when inspired and, like John Donne, there is no grander subject than love, our human-est emotion. These poems are positive. You can be nothing else.

Now you might be asking where are these poems ? Well alas I don’t really have any to show you for they’re most often written on whatsapp and sent directly to the reader. The medium tells you they are often more like ditties rather than grand operas but they do stretch out to  20 lines at times, but, more often than not, 10-12 will suffice.

So forgive my poor vocabulary and terrible structure and revel in the sentiment and obvious joy and love that inspired this gem.

I’m here in bed,
a dull feeling in my head.
The days have been wrong
yet my feelings remain strong.
Having her here
would provide us with so much cheer
Like an warm cup of tea,
I truly long to see
Her face on each dawn,
the prettiest ever sawn.


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