Scottish independence is possibly on the cards this month. The Yes campaign led by the SNP and Alex Salmond are making ground and, after a shaky start, look to be confident of victory. The reason is not about a change f heart or persuasive argument but the No campaign’s horribly patronising and fear-mongering. The biggest worries is the removal of the pound, leaving Scotland with the choice to join the Euro or create its own currency. To soften the independence movement and bribe the wavering voters, London, I mean, the No campaign, are offering greater devolution powers for the Scottish Parliament.

You may ask why London is taking a stance on this Scottish issue. While it does affect the rest of the UK, the Conservatives stand to gain electorally from this vote. They are a solely English party with no seats in Scotland, Wales or Ireland. Labour would lose their working class seats in Glasgow, while the Lib Dems would take a hit. The greatest disaster for England would be the Tories in power for a generation. However the Tories are very much of the one-nationers, believing in the Great in Great Britain. The Chancellor George Osbourne offers devolutionary concessions on Sunday.


It smelt of bribery. The Sun, a British paper, known for its simplified vocabulary and naked women on Page 3, ran this headline today this great headline yesterday. It summed it all up nicely despite the usual stereotyping. The headline instantly caught my eye, made me smile somewhat for the great wordplay and I took a picture.


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