Films Watched


Her – This is a brilliant commentary on modern life, relationships and emotions. The use of technology to communicate without seeming effort and the pain it can cause. Phoenix is mesmeric. 5/5

The Counselor – It’s dark, ugly and while attempting to be Shakespearean, it misses too many steps. What is also tells me is how actors are just actors. I am sure a lot happens beyond the scenes but the fact that the actors sat there and said those lines tells you either about their credibility or that they don’t give a shit. This was an old guy in McCarthy getting people to physically perform his notions that normally would only be committed to page and the imagination. I bet he opened a bottle of whiskey after this and had a fat wank. However its well-crafted and watchable and beyond some of the script and the bullshit speech at the end by Diaz, its good imo. 3/5

Locke – One man show from Tom Hardy as his life falls apart as he drives. Hardy can really act. 4/5

Grudge Match – Sly and De Niro meet in a boxing comedy with some decent gags and by the numbers plot and acting. 2/5

Maleficent –  an odd film, sitting between two stools of child fantasy and adult viciousness, bizarrely edited. It was a bit shit. 2/5

Kick-Ass 2 – I liked the first KickAss but this one sucked. It was unfunny and overly-violent. 2/5

Under the Skin – Scarlett Johansson roams around Glasgow and the Highlands finding local men and consuming them. It’s a real art house effort, odd and entrancing. Johansson’s English accent is pretty good. 3/5

Edge of Tomorrow – Tom Cruise, aliens and action meets Groundhog Day and its smooth, fun and excellent. Cruise’s stellar status has gone. He’s too much a name to be a superhero and yet can’t be an action hero as before. He needs to re-start acting cos this path is fucked. 4/5

The Grand Budapest Hotel – As expected, it’s brilliant, quirky, funny, I’ll use a word I’ve never written before, exquisite. 5/5

Lucy – Typical Luc Besson. Style over ridiculous notions and some crackpot philosophy. You wonder how long he spent dreaming up the ideas and script (which is complete nonsense) and how long to film it. Its slick, short, silly and idiotic. 2/5

Divergence – a reasonably entertaining sack of shit. 2/5


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