My fat elbow

I’ve finally had surgery on my left elbow which has been inflamed like a giant tumour for a few weeks. Its happened to me before, last year for example but finally I thought I should do something about it. I can’t walk around with this welt any longer. Its essentially a build up of fliud in the elbow sustained damage. I suppose you could call it Repetitive Pain Injury.

Traditionally over the years I’ve used by left for punching people. Initially it was simply about trying to be more ambidexiturous in my boxing but now I like to use my right hand for writing and so pain in this hand is unwelcomed. I already have a cracked knuckle in right hand, noticeable only when its very cold.

The elbow is still tender and maybe always will be. I can’t lie down on it or put constant pressure without the arm failing altogether. But as long as my right is still functioning I’ll be happy. Its time to move on in life and that now means doing what I’ve always felt I should try to do.