Kenny Dethroned.

A good call by LFC. They can’t live on the past forever or the Carling Cup. The finances certainly won’t take it. I wrote about LFC a few weeks back on this blog and nothing has changed.

Time to move on and that sage advice could be for the fans, the club, the Hillsborough groups and the city. The endless whining and feeling of pity is just becomign ludicrous. The same could be said for Joey Barton too, a another scouser who really needs to be left alone by the media and not be feted as someone more than he is.

Liverpool are Dire

I wouldn´t normally comment as quickly as this and I was planning a blog later in the week about it but having seen Liverpool just lose to Wigan at home, everything I thought is coming true. LFC´s problems are immense and especially because they aspire to win the league. This isn´t a team in transition or under construction. They are going backwards.

The defence is creaking and only survives at all under Kenny´s defensive tactics. The midfield is a one-man show and even Gerrard is ageing. Downing was never good enough. Did anyone notice Henderson was subbed or playing? Carroll and Suarez aren´t doing it. But ultimately it can be summed up with 3 points from today´s game.

1. If you aspire to win the league or even get in the Champions League, you don´t have a player like Charlie Adam starting any game. You don´t have him in the squad.

2. When chasing a game at home, if your best option from the bench is Shelvey, you haven´t got a hope.

3. I said here that Kenny was done as a manager, eye for talent and tactician and its coming truer by the day.

Tomorrow Newcastle are playing WBA. Win that and we are 8pts clear of LFC for 6th place. 6th place!! Liverpool play Newcasyle next week. Lose that and its 3 on the bounce. Kenny could be in trouble. The real question is whether LFC can finish above 13th! They are only 6 points ahead and a game behind.

EPL Review

Kenny Dalglish claims Stewart Downing is a better player than he thought. I’m not going to pretend. I can’t stand Downing or better said, I have no idea how he is considered a quality player. He can’t beat any fullback, his passing is limited to square balls and he barely crosses it let alone scores. But that’s my opinion. However now Dalglish has come in to defend his player it simply confirms something I’ve been thinking over. That be that Kenny has lost it if he was any good in the first place as a manager.

I give three pieces of evidence. Firstly in his first spell as LFC manager, he managed a team into decline despite spending a lot of money. However all empires fall so I won’t be too harsh there. Secondly this present team again has had a lot of money thrown at it but he’s bought terribly. Henderson, Downing, Carroll and Adam, between them valued (rather than worth) £78m are all not good enough for the level LFC wish to play at. And they never will be good enough. Further the players he’s failed to replace include his centre backs, Agger and Skrtel who are not good enough.

My third point concerns tactics. LFC played Stoke last week, a team with a large physical presence upfront. So Kenny shifted his tactics to 3-5-2 employing three centre halves and wing-backs. Sounds logical and progressive except this isn’t 1994 or 1986. Three at the back constantly fail and this formation has only worked once in 1986 when Argentina had a certain Maradona in the team. But more simply Kenny’s thinking was; ok Stoke have a big man so we will draft in a big man in Coates to mark him neglecting the fact that with 3 across the back and wingbacks in advanced positions, the crosses are going to be coming in all day. Whether Coates is good enough is doubtful but Kenny’s tactics were unique in the league and uniquely wrong. As a result, the crosses rained in all day and he ended up essentially playing 5 at the back.

However moving to the league in general, it’s still a two-horse race between the Manchester Clubs. Chelsea are too inconsistent and lack confidence. Cahill won’t add much. Spurs play the best football in the league but still lack a certain firepower and I’m not sold on them when Gallas and King aren’t fit. Arsenal are improving but lightweight and less gorgeous than they used to be. Newcastle are a good side, slightly short of the top 5 but well-organised and playing with confidence.

At the bottom, O’Neill has saved Sunderland while Norwich, Everton, Fulham, Stoke and Villa will be fine. I still have some concerns over Swansea but QPR should now be fine. Wigan look done. Blackburn will struggle but go down. Wolves have enough team spirit which condemns Bolton. It’s between them and close.