Films Seen Over the Last Few Months

Black Sea – Jude Law is rather annoying in general but here he is pretty impressive in a tight, taunt thriller set on a submarine. Its very good. 4/5

Horns – Daniel Radcliffe number with way too many ideas and runs through them too fast. Its stupid of course but tries to be a horror, romantic comedy and ends up being reasonable at all of them with properly pulling it off. 3.5/5

Interstellar – While the first hour on Earth is logical to the final part, we all turned up for the last two parts so the first act was a drag. McCon’s drawl really gets on your nerves too. However despite its absurd science near the end, the over-the-top music and the clear emotional facefarts, its entertaining for a 3 hour movie. 3.5/5

Guardians of the Galaxy –  entertaining but nonsense. 4/5

The Imitation Game – its always odd to see someone you went to school with ‘acting’. To me Matt Goode was simply being the guy I remembered even down to the arrogance. Typecast or perfectly cast I don’t know but the film itself was a beautiful study of a man obsessed by numbers. 4/5

20,000 Days on Earth – Nick Cave documentary as interesting as the man in question. More of a film than a documentary, uniquely done. 4/5

I am Ali – Nice archive and personal footage. Doesn’t tell you much if you know Ali but still a nice reminder of the great man. 4/5

The Maze Runner – another kids book series written and sent to the big screen immediately (or are they written for the big screen essentially??). Predictable and fairly stupid but decent. 2.5/5

Sex Ed – with a fat Haley Joel Osmond – This is good. Predictable in its storyline but with some nice conversational tangents and good acting from Haley who looks remarkable as a tubber. 3.5/5

The Babadook –  old fashioned horror. Simple and well-crafted. The kid in it is excellent. 4/5

Cave of Forgotten Dreams – Wener Herzog films for the first time the caves painting in South France dating back 30,00 years. Slow but fascinating. 3/5

Tusk – Kevin Smith weirdness. Weird. 2/5

Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films – These are the two Israeli guys who made a shit load of shit average to terrible films in the 1970s and 1980s. Think weird, wonderful and chuck norris. Pretty entertaining documentary. 3/5

The Trip to Italy – very funny semi-documentary film of Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon going to Italy to make a documentary. These guys are great impressionists. Makes for some very funny conversations. 4/5

Horrible Bosses 2 – Its a lot of better than some reviews. Most of the criticism is based on it not really about horrible bosses any more. Well I haven’t seen the first one so who the fuck cares. Consistently silly rather than hilarious. 3/5

Dumb and Dumber To – awful 1/5 and that makes me sad

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – an intelligent spin on an old tale, one we’ve maybe seen too much of. Well made and predictable.

Predestination – Aussie movie with Ethan Hawke isn’t much more than a cameo. Time travel and such malarky. 3/5

Boyhood – its a good study and very watchable but I am not fully convinced by the acting. 4/5

Nightcrawler – Great performances, narrative and production. It sticks with you for days. 5/5


birdmanposterBirdman – its mesmerizing. You sit there watching these long scenes acted out, music playing in the interludes and some fantastic acting. 5/5