IMG_20130812_171550Much to tell…..

1. I resigned but will be back with a better job! More to be revealed soon!

2. The flugtag team is coming along nicely…..can’t wait for the 1st November!

3. Off to Romania and Serbia this week to see many people!

4. I’ll get stuff about Redbull, Qatar, Cambodia, Singapore and Malaysia up asap!

5. I gotta pack!


IMG_20121218_201007I’m just sat at the airport and off to Muscat for the weekend. Its a visa run but the company are paying the flight so I really don’t mind! I’ve free accommodation too. Muscat is one of those peninsula ports central to the development of mercantile trade over he last few millennium and for years I’ve wanted to go. So now it my chance.

I’ve taken the advice of Roxi who lived out there for a few months and am now set with my little bag to explore the souks, citadels and bay area. The weather looks perfect.

I’ll get back with some more updates about Qatar very soon and also a write-up on Sri Lanka and various other escapades. We’ve played football, been to the races and got our social lives sorted. What can I say, I am enjoying it.


Ahh I have been away and travelling round etc. Got much to tell you. Middle East right now. Sri Lanka for Christmas with a friend 😀

Will post more soon xImage

Way too much fo…


Way too much football on here right now…don’t worry I’m not gonna bother commenting on Euro12. Next up are stories from travels, love, music and news and various views on stuff. The summer’s work is now arranged and so from it’ll all become more regularised 🙂

See you soon